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Bet builders allow you to combine bets from several markets from a single event into a single bet, enabling you to create your own unique bets, yielding bigger profits than traditional bets. Find the best bet builder offers right here and everything you need to know about creating a bet builder.
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Bet Builder Tips

What is a bet builder?

A Bet Builder is a type of sports bet that combines multiple selections within one sporting event. The most common sport for this type of bet is a football bet builder. It allows you to create custom wagers without the need to request the bet specifically from the bookie.

The bookmakers allowing Bet Builders to be placed will offer a number of markets to choose from, putting selections together to make your own accumulator (of sorts). The more markets added to the bet builder, the odds will start to increase.

How do bet builders work?

Bet Builders allow you to place a wager from multiple markets into a single bet, effectively allowing you to customise your bet. For example, you can choose multiple markets within the same game, allowing you to combine bets such as goal scorers, first to score and over/under goals in the same game. Once you’ve chosen your selections, you can then add further selections to build your bet builder. Typically, bet builders are used in a single event, but some bookmakers allow for multi-game bet builders. 

How to create a bet builder

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to create a bet builder in five easy steps:

Step 1 – Choose your sport – First things first, decide which sport you want to use for your bet builder. This could be anything from football and boxing, to cricket and horse racing, depending on what your bookmaker offers.

Step 2 – Choose your markets – Once you have decided your sports, select the specific match or market that you would like to place your bet on. You will then be presented with all the available markets for this match or event so you can choose which ones you would like to include in your bet builder.

Step 3 – Review your bets – When selecting your markets, make sure that they are related and do not involve overlapping outcomes (e.g., don’t pick both ‘team A wins’ and ‘team B loses’ as these would cancel each other out). Also keep in mind the minimum odds required for each market – usually 2/1 or 1/2 – as this will affect the overall payout of your bet builder

Step 4 – Consider your odds – Once you have chosen your markets, fill out your stake and see what kind of return you can get from your bet builder. Depending on the bookmaker, different combinations may give different returns so make sure that you explore all possibilities if possible before placing a wager!

Step 5 – Place your bet builder! – Finally, once everything is set up, click submit and wait for the results of the matches! If all goes well, then congratulations –you have just created a successful bet builder! Otherwise, try again with different markets until you find an optimal combination for maximum profits.

What are the benefits of placing a bet builder?

One of the biggest draws in placing a bet builder is the potential for higher payouts when compared with regular single bets. This is because you are combining more than one selection into one bet which has the potential for larger returns when all the selections come through correctly. The odds can be multiplied together depending on how many selections you have combined into your bet builder and this can often lead to higher payouts than simply placing a single bet on just one market or selection.

Bet builders offer several advantages over traditional betting, including:

Higher potential returns – by combining multiple selections from the same event, it is possible to generate higher returns than if the selections were placed individually

Increased flexibility – with bet builders, you can create bets on almost any combination of outcomes you want. This means that you can customise your bets according to how you think an event will unfold

Easier management – when placing a traditional accumulator, managing your stake and keeping track of all your selections can be time-consuming and cumbersome. With bet builders, this process is simplified since all your selections are combined into one bet

More entertainment value – due to their modular nature and the wide variety of markets available, using a bet builder is much more interesting than simply placing accumulators or single bets

Easier to place complex bets – while some people may find it difficult to place more complex bets like Yankees due to the sheer number of selections required, bet builders make this easier by allowing users to combine these types of bets in one simple interface 

Finally, another great advantage that comes with using a bet builder tool is the convenience it provides for users. Bet builders allow you to quickly add and remove selections at any time before submitting your wager, giving users greater control over what they are betting on.

What’s the difference between a bet builder and an accumulator?

While both bet builders and accumulators allow bettors to combine several selections into one single bet, there are some key differences that should be considered when deciding which type of bet to place.

An accumulator is a type of bet in which multiple selections from the same sport are combined into one single bet. For example, England to beat France and Brazil to beat Croatia. This means that if all the selections come through correctly, the payout can be much higher than a traditional single bet. However, if any of the selections fail, then the entire bet is lost, meaning that accumulators can be quite risky as they require you to get every selection right in order to see any profits.

A bet builder on the other hand allows you to combine various markets from a single event in order to create your own unique bets, with your own contingencies. For example, a fan could bet on England beating France, but also wager on the number of yellows cards and total goals scored. Bet builders provide more flexibility than an accumulator as you can add or remove selections until you are completely happy with your bet before submitting it.

The best bet builder sites in 2023

With so much information available, knowing which bookmaker to place a bet builder on can be a daunting task. Our team of experts have done the research for you and picked out some of the best offers available right now to get you started on placing a bet builder. 

Betfair – Bet £10 Get £30 in Free Bets Plus a Free £10 Bet Builder

Bet365 – Bet £10 Get £50 in Free Bets

Paddy Power – Get £35 in Free Bets plus a £10 Free Bet Builder when you place a £10 Bet

Bet Storm – Bet £19 Get £66 in Free Bets

Rhino – Bet £20 Get £20 in Free Bets

How many selections can I make in a bet builder?

The number of selections placed in a bet builder tip depends on the bookmaker. Some bookies will limit you to just six selections, others, like Bet365 allow up to 12 selections in their bet builder. Betfair’s bet builders go further, allowing up to 25 selections per bet builder bet and Paddy Power have Bet Builder Insurance, refunding your stake as a free bet if you miss out on a winning bet builder by just one selection. 

Can I bet on every market with a bet builder?

Not every market is available to be combined in a bet builder selection. Most bookmakers also will make sure that any contradictory selections are not allowed.

For example, if you tried to place a bet builder on Liverpool to draw and the final score to be 2-1, the system would intervene and not allow you to place it.

Frequently Asked Questions

When do you post your bet builder tips?

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We aim to post our bet builder tips around 2 to 3 days before the weekend fixtures. Keep an eye out here on our website, or follow us on our facebook, twitter or instagram social profiles.

What are rules for creating a bet builder?

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1. Typically, selections within your bet builder are from the same game or event. However, some bookmakers allow you to select markets across multiple events.

2. The minimum stake for a bet builder depends on the bookmakers minimum stake, and the same is true for the maximum stake. For example, Betfair’s minimum stake is £1, whereas Bet365’s is 10p.

3. Different types of bets may have different rules for a bet builder, including minimum odds per selection, minimum number of selections and/or maximum payout limits. Check with your bookmaker’s terms and conditions when placing your bet to ensure you comply with these rules

4. When placing a bet builder, all of the selections must win in order for the overall wager to be successful – while some accumulators allow one selection to fail without losing all of your stake, this is not true for bet builders as each selection needs to succeed in order to receive any winnings at all

5. Win Only (or straight) bets can usually be placed on individual markets within a bet builder, but other types such as handicaps, Asian Handicap markets and over/under markets cannot usually be included due to their complex nature; check with your bookmaker before attempting to include these types of bets in your wager if they are available at all!

6. Finally – don’t forget about Cash Out options! Depending on how well your predictions are going during play, many bookmakers will offer cash-out opportunities even if only one selection has failed within the overall package – giving you an option to recoup some money instead of having it confiscated after missing out on just one pick!

Can I make selections on bet builders from different matches?

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Typically, most bookmakers offer bet builders for a single match only, however, there are some, such as Bet365, who allow wagers across multiple matches. See our table below:

BookmakerBet Builders across multiple matches





William Hill




Paddy Power


Virgin Bet


What happens to my bet builder if a player doesn’t play?

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If a player you have included in your bet builder does not play in the match, the bet will typically be voided and your stake will be returned. This is because the outcome of the bet is likely to be affected by the absence of the player, and the bet would no longer be considered fair.

Do bet builders count in extra time?

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Some bookmakers may, or may not, include extra-time when calculating winnings or losses from bet builders, so make sure to check with them first before placing any bets. It is important to ensure that you read all terms and conditions of the bookmaker carefully before making any final decisions regarding which bets to place through a bet builder.

Can you cash out a bet builder?

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Depending on the bookmaker and the rules of the market you have selected, it may not be possible to cash out your bet builder.

What Sports Can You Place a Bet Builder on?

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Popular sports to place a bet builder on include football, horse racing, tennis, golf, boxing, greyhounds and more. You can see the sports you can place bet builders on with the various bookmakers in the table below:


SportsAlso known as


Football, NFL and Basketball


Football, Basketball, Tennis

William Hill


Build #YourOdds




Paddy Power

Football, Basketball

Virgin Bet



Many bookmakers will also provide added incentives for using a bet builder, such as boosted odds or increased chances of winning jackpots.

Does Every Bookmaker Offer Bet Builders?

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No, not every bookmaker offer bet builders. Bet builders are a newer tool that is becoming increasingly popular among sports bettors who desire more control over their wagers and the chance to win bigger payouts

Can I Place A Bet Builder In Play?

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Yes, you can place a bet builder in play, but it’s always best to check with the bookmaker before placing a bet builder.

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