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Responsible Gambling is a vital part of Bad Man Betting’s values. We want to keep gambling fun and sensible, but what is Responsible Gambling?

In short, it means you are betting in a way that doesn’t cause stress or harm to you or those around you. If you find yourself in a place where betting is putting you into financial difficulties or affecting your life in a negative way overall, then it’s simply not responsible gambling. 

As we promote gambling as an enjoyable activity, it’s important to Bad Man Betting that our audience are aware of information should they need further advice and support on responsible gambling.

Tips for Gambling Responsibly

Only gamble with money you can afford to lose. Never bet as a way to make money or to get rich quick. 

Betting should be viewed as an entertainment expense. Think of betting like going to the cinema or having a few drinks with mates.

Anyone promising guaranteed winners is a scam artist and shouldn’t be trusted. A bet is never guaranteed.  

Be strict with your limits. Know them and know when you’ve reached them. It can be easy to get sucked in to depositing more money, but be strict with your limits in order to gamble responsibly.

Don’t drink or take drugs and then gamble. Anything that could impair your judgement whilst betting is to be avoided. 

Remember to take a break. And not just in the offseason. The football season is long, so the offseason is a perfect time to take a break from gambling and assess your enjoyment. 

If you’re feeling down, or angry, gambling is never the answer. Often these feelings can lead to clouded judgements and this is not the right headspace to be in to pick a  bet.

Do something else to occupy your free time. Betting should be enjoyed in moderation like everything in life. A balance of activities is key to maximising your enjoyment. 

Never chase losses.

Tools to Help you Bet Safely

Most bookmakers now have tools in place on-site to help you bet in a safer fashion. 

Deposit Limit

Setting a maximum amount of money that you can deposit into your bookmaker’s account in a certain timeframe. 

Loss Limit

A maximum amount of money that a bettor or gambler can lose in a single session or across multiple sessions. 

Time Logged In

A simple tool that helps notify individuals how long they’ve been active on a bookmaker’s site or app to encourage re-assessing the length of time they’re spending on-site


Where you can exclude yourself from a bookmaker’s website for a period of time. 

Who can help if you’re not gambling responsibly?

There are a number of organisations that can help if you feel like you’re no longer gambling responsibly and safely.


A charity that helps with giving confidential counselling and support over the phone for anybody affected by problem gambling. 


BeGambleAware exists to promote safety within gambling, and provides vital information in order to help people recognise problem gambling as well as resources and support.


An online system that allows you to self-exclude yourself from bookmakers. 

Be Gamble Aware
Be Gamble Aware
Please Gamble Responsibly